More than 30,000 customers were without water over the weekend due to a massive water main break in Hamilton County.

But homeowners weren't the only ones impacted. 

The water main break forced some businesses to close over the weekend.

Matt Park, the owner of Plus Coffee, said they found a way to keep doors open. 

"I think we probably went through about 50 gallons of water over the weekend," Park said.  

He said they had to run to the store several times over the weekend to buy water. 

"We were just doing pour-overs, like manual brew coffee all weekend so we didn't have any access to our brewers or espresso machine or anything like that," Park said. 

Park said drink options were limited for customers and making coffee took longer than normal. 

"It was difficult because we could really only use just coffee and hot water, we couldn't do anything espresso-based or steamed milk or anything like that," Park said. "We also couldn't brew large amounts of coffee so we were constantly brewing the whole time."

He said they attracted more customers because they were one of the only coffee shops that stayed open. 

By Monday, the business was back to normal. 

"After the boil alert was lifted yesterday then we started like flushing our systems just to make sure we were getting clean water, kind of flush a bunch of water through and then started operating, as usual, it seems to be going okay," Park said.