UPDATE: The trial has ended for the day. It will resume tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

PREVIOUS STORY: After delays from a city-wide water outage, testimony in Tony Bigoms’ retrial started again Saturday morning.

Stephanie Coleman began the day’s proceedings. Coleman said she was Dana Wilkes' best friend.

"She didn't just leave and just go somewhere and not tell anybody anything,” Coleman told the court. “She would always answer her phone if you called her."

Coleman testified Tony Bigoms would often do maintenance for Wilkes. She said he seemed to be infatuated with her. Bigoms was the one to tell Coleman about Wilkes' disappearance.

“I wanted to ask if he had seen Dana or knew where Dana was because I wanted to let her know about the concert," Coleman said.

But Bigoms said he was the last person to see Wilkes alive, so Coleman thought there must be more to the story.

"He knew, he has to know something,” she said. “He was the last person known to be with her, he had to know something."

Testimony continued with forensic evidence from Chattanooga Police investigators. They went over evidence gathered from a Jeep, the home where Bigoms was living and Dana Wilkes’ home.

Evidence included a pair of Bigoms' tennis shoes, missing their laces and insoles. The prosecution suggested they had been bleached in a blue bucket, also collected from the home where he was staying. 

The primary evidence collected from Dana Wilkes' home was a collection of pill bottles, as well as a hair brush and toothbrush. In the green Jeep Grand Cherokee, investigators gathered photo evidence of blood spatters and smears, as well as an earring and some hairs. 

Investigators included crime scene investigators Greg Mardis and Tracy McGee, as well as a latent print examiner.

Testimony continued into Saturday evening. Stay with Channel 3 for more updates from the afternoon proceedings.