As Chattanooga deals with the water outage from an overnight water main break, the Tennessee Aquarium has some very unique challenges to overcome.

The Aquarium's staff were called in late last Thursday night. Their husbandry, operations and maintenance teams have been working since midnight to ensure the health of the facility's animals. Unfortunately, the Aquarium did lose four fish, some urchins, anemones, and sea stars in their Vancouver Island exhibit.

Those animals are very sensitive to warming waters and did not respond to attempts to chill the tank with ice.

Tennessee Aquarium's team was able to restore the chillers in both buildings and the situation has drastically improved in the past few hours, according to Thom Benson.

Ice was placed in many of the exhibits in the Ocean Journey building to keep the animals comfortable. The Gentoo and Macaroni penguins seemed to enjoy the extra ice, according to Thom Benson.

Unfortunately, four temperature-sensitive fish, and some of the sea anemones, sea stars, and urchins in living in the Vancouver Island exhibit succumbed to heat-stress in spite of efforts to chill the water with ice bags.

Some animals, like the jelliefish, were moved to other exhibits to keep cool.

Air stones were added to the Secret Reef exhibit to keep dissolved oxygen at optimal levels.
Aquarium staff delivered ice bags to the River Journey building.

The Tennessee Aquarium expressed their thanks to everyone for their concern. They expect to reopen when the water line is repaired.