UPDATE: Tony Bigoms has been found guilty of killing Dana Wilkes and dismembering her body in 2012.

The jury deliberated for about two hours Monday night and came to the same decision as jurors did in 2014.

A new trial was granted after an appeals court threw out the previous conviction on technicalities.

Dana's father told Channel 3 he felt like justice was served.

"There is a closure and I just couldn't be happier. It's twice he's been convicted and there's no doubt that he's guilty," Dana's father, Billy Crumley said.

Jurors didn't know this was the second time Bigoms was found guilty in the case.

Hamilton County Executive Assistant District Attorney Cameron Williams said while there were some factors that made the case tough to try, that never changed the way they felt about the case.

"There was a number of witnesses and the circumstantial nature of the evidence. But we always felt like there was enough evidence to convict Mr. Bigoms for the murder of Ms. Wilkes," Williams added.

Bigoms walked out of the courtroom Monday night where he immediately began serving his life sentence.

Channel 3 spoke with Steve Brown who was lead defense attorney on the case.

He declined to go on camera but did say he will talk to Bigoms in the coming days and decide if they want to appeal the conviction.

Bigoms will be sentenced on the abuse of corpse conviction in December.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: A jury has found Tony Bigoms guilty of premeditated murder and abuse of a corpse on Monday night.

Bigoms is accused of killing Dana Wilkes and dismembering her body in 2012.


Bigoms was originally found guilty in 2014 of Wilkes' murder.

Bigoms was sentenced to life in prison for his murder conviction.

Bigoms will be sentenced for the abuse of a corpse conviction on December 2.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Closing arguments have been made in the retrial of Tony Bigoms on Monday.

Judge Barry Steelman gave jury members final instructions before they decide the fate of Bigoms.

Deliberations are underway.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Testimony wrapped up Monday in the Tony Bigoms re-trial. 

Bigoms is accused of killing Dana Wilkes and dismembering her body in 2012. 

Dozens of brown bags marked with evidence tape sat on the courtroom floor as jurors heard from the final witnesses in the trial. 

Chris Rozema testified he spoke with Dana the day before she went missing. 

He said she called him to see if he wanted to buy Xanax. 

"That was when she told me Tom [Wilkes] was in jail and she was trying to bail him out. I guess Tom had told her to try and call me and see if I wanted to buy some Xanax," he said. 

But Rozema said he never met up with Dana and had nothing to do with what happened to her. 

Dr. Murray Marks, a forensic anthropologist, examined Dana's bones and confirmed her body was dismembered. 

"Because the breakage on the radius, or on the thumb side, shows it coming in and stopping. There's no way to cut on the inside of this bone without cutting on this one first," he said. 

After prosecutors rested their case, the defense pointed to Dana's finances through Gena Gibson, who showed jurors a log of Dana's court-ordered fines in Hamilton County. 

"That's a garnishment payment that came in from an employer," Gibson said. 

Bigoms chose to exercise his right not to testify in his own defense and now it will be the job of a jury to decide if he is guilty or innocent of killing Dana Wilkes. 

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PREVIOUS STORY: The state rested their case Monday in Tony Bigoms retrial.

Bigoms is accused of killing Dana Wilkes and dismembering her body in 2012.

Over the weekend, Stephanie Coleman, Wilkes' best friend, took the stand.

Bigoms chose to not take the stand today in his own defense. 

 Channel 3 has a crew in court and will bring you updates this afternoon on First at Four.

PREVIOUS STORY: People arrived to the Hamilton County Courts building Friday to discover it was without water and closed putting hearings and unpaid court fees on hold until next week.

A high profile murder re-trial was also forced to pause.

Tony Bigoms is accused of killing Dana Wilkes and dismembering her body in 2012.

Everything is in a holding pattern until water is restored and the judge hopes they'll be able to resume testimony Saturday.

Jessica McCrobey was one of may who arrived at the Hamilton County Courthouse only to find it closed.

"Too early, I just got off work so that's what makes it so bad," she said, "I walked up here and they told me court was closed and I was trying to see why because I'm here for a traffic ticket that I'm trying to get out of the way. So this is my second time having to reschedule. They said court was closed because they didn't have any air or water, nothing."

She will now have to wait until next Friday to see a judge to get that ticket worked out.

Even though the courthouse was closed, Judge Barry Steelman's courtroom was open to testimony in the Tony Bigoms re-trial.

But it was less about what you heard and more about how it felt: hot.

Bailiffs brought in portable fans for the jury while attorneys draped suit jackets on the back of chairs and kept water handy.

Patrick Dickson, a witness for the state, could be seen swearing as he testified on the stand.

"He seemed like he had Dana's best interest at heart, so I called him to see if he knew were Dana was," he said.

The jury only heard from two witnesses Friday, both flown in from out of town, before the judge called off proceedings for the day.

"There is a lot of uncertainty right now about what's going on," Judge Steelman said to the jury.

The judge doesn't want to drag this trial out because the jury is sequestered.

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Tony Bigoms retrial will continue Friday, despite a large water main break impacting water and air conditioning in the Hamilton County courthouse. 

Several people were met with signs on the doors saying the courthouse was closed. 

But Judge Barry Steelman met with attorneys and decided to continue testimony Friday. 

Bailiffs tell Ch. 3 the hotel the jurors are sequestered at does not have water as well. 

Officials said they will allow testimony of two out of state witnesses and then break for the day. 

Before testimony started, bailiffs were setting up portable fans at the jury box and the prosecutor table inside the courtroom. 


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