After about four days on the Abaco Islands, Lou Lentine has made it back to Chattanooga.

“You can't recognize anything anymore. It's total complete destruction,” Lentine said when asked what he saw. “You'll see shoes lying on the ground; clothing. Just everything you can think of is just everywhere. It looks like an atomic bomb went off and just destroyed everything on that island.”

We shared his mission last week before he left. 

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Lentine spent his time visiting what is left of his dream home and helping those on the island survive.

“We were able to bring in I think about eight boats at the time and there's been a few additional boats coming in full of supplies,” he said.

He and his friends raised about $300,000 to help those in need.

“These people still have nothing,” Lentine said. “You know they have no clothes on their back, they have no place to stay no shelter.”

But the money is not going toward supplies. It's going straight to the people.

“We're trying to give them a start. Even if it's for a month, two months so they have something,” Lentine explained.

That's exactly what Lentine and his friends did for two families. who escaped the devastation with just a carry-on bag and wet clothes. They are now calling Chattanooga home. They were even able to enroll one of the family’s four-year-old daughter into school in Hamilton County.

“We were able to take them to the local stores. The grocery store gave them $100 gift coupon, which was amazing. The mattress store gave them some mattresses, which was amazing,” Lentine explained. “I hope we can give some peace and some enjoyment living here.”

We're told Pruett's grocery store gifted gift cards for the Bahamian families.  

Lentine admits he is exhausted and struggles with the responsibility he has taken on, but he has no plans of stopping. He will head back to Abaco soon.

But he needs your help.

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