UPDATE: The Chattanooga Police Department has arrested three teens for the murder of a man near Cromwell Heights.

Police say the teens are charged in connection to the shooting death of Darrell Hill on Thursday afternoon.

Police say a 17-year-old male is charged with First Degree Murder, Especially Aggravated Robbery, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

Police say a 16-year-old female and a 17-year-old female are both charged with First Degree Murder, and Especially Aggravated Robbery.

All three suspects are in custody at the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Chattanooga police are investigating a deadly shooting on Dahlia Street on Thursday.

It happened shortly before 12:15 p.m. in the 3900 block.

Police confirm that a male victim was found dead at the scene.

The events that led to the incident are under investigation.

The victim’s name has not been released.

Channel 3 spoke to individuals who live at Cromwell Hills apartments where the shooting unfolded. 

"It was just crazy like this is usually a pretty safe neighborhood," said resident Destiny Burks. 

This shooting marks the 29th homicide in Chattanooga this year. 

Burks says this makes her feel uneasy. 

"It was just crazy to me. This type of stuff doesn't usually happen," Burks said. 

She says the shooting has shaken up the community. 

"It really hits close to home, something like this," said Burks.

Channel 3 is working to learn more about this incident.

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