Jurors heard about an interesting piece of evidence in Day 2 of the Tony Bigoms retrial Thursday: testimony about a pair of his tennis shoes.

He's accused of killing Dana Wilkes and dismembering her body in 2012.

Robert Boulware sat in the courtroom with his family, all wearing a purple ribbing in his mother's memory.

"There were some oddly happy moments. Hearing her voice..That was happy. It was sad but happy," he said.

Testimony continued Thursday to center around Dana's last moments she was seen alive before she disappeared in November 2012.

Through surveillance video, at Walmart on Brainerd Road and a nearby gas station, jurors saw Dana with the man now on trial for killing her and dismembering her body.

Prosecutors pointed to phone and bank records as well as search warrants at Bigoms home and his statements to police.

During testimony, Chattanooga Police Sgt. Reginald Parks said a pair of Bigoms tennis shoes were discovered, without laces, that Bigoms girlfriend at the time said were cleaned days after Wilkes disappeared.

Prosecutor Andrew Coyle: Can you recall that she indicated and the reason she reflected they were put in a bucket of bleach?
Chattanooga Police SGT. Reginald Parks: Yes.
Coyle: By the defendant?
Parks: Yes.

In his statements to investigators, Bigoms said Dana was supposed to sell pills the night she went missing.

Wednesday, the medical examiner testified about finding a blue pill in Dana's pocket while performing an autopsy, although the kind of pill is unclear.

Through cross-examination, the defense's questions continued to point to the possibility that Dana's death could have been the result of a drug deal gone bad.

Defense Attorney Steve Brown: When narcotics activity occurs, people generally meet to make that narcotics transaction?"
Parks: Yes sir.

While the details and theories are hard to hear, Boulware said he's leaning on one saying from his mom.

"She would always tell me, 'God doesn't like ugly.'"

Testimony will continue Friday morning.

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