It's way more rare than you think! Only 1% of all full moons occur on Friday the 13th.

Moonrise on Friday the 13th is at 8:01 PM EDT, and moonset is Saturday the 14th at 7:37 AM EDT. The 100% fullness won't occur until 12:33AM EDT, which is technically for Chattanooga on the 14th.

Meanwhile, our folks in central time get to see complete fullness at 11:33 PM CDT. 

The last time a Full Moon occurred on Friday the 13th in Chattanooga, was June 13th in 2014. Nationwide, the last full moon occurred 19 years ago on October 13, 2000. The next nationwide full moon, won't occur for 30 years from now on August 13, 2049!

What's even more rare about this Full "Harvest" Moon, is it's a micro moon. A micro moon means, it's in apogee. This means, it's at the further point from earth in orbit. So this Friday night the 13th Full Moon will look 14% smaller than a typical full moon. 

To make this event even more rare, the next time a Micromoon occurs on Friday the 13th nationwide is 505 years from now, in 2524.

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