It's been nearly two weeks since Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, and the giving is far from over.
Now, several organizations are reminding people to only send requested items.

That's to make sure nothing goes to waste.

As of Monday, 50 people have been confirmed dead in the Bahamas because of Hurricane Dorian, and nearly 75 thousand people need medical assistance.

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Jim Winsett with the Better Business Bureau knows the need for supplies is great but encourages everyone to be smart about donating.

Several organizations in the Tennessee Valley have sent items to the Bahamas.

“If a church is gathering food water or clothing, are they partnering with a Salvation Army or Red Cross,” Winsett asked.

Monetary donations are always needed during times like this, but Winsett suggests to do your research first.

He says to go through the BBB because they verify charities.

“The management and control are in place,” said Winsett. “The mission and objective need to be clearly identified.”

Local groups are also rallying around those in need, and tons of palettes have already been sent to the Bahamas.

Organizers want to remind donors to only send items on reputable organizations sites.

He says carefully think about what you can give and donations will be accepted at any time.

“Think about it think about the recovery of the disaster in the Bahamas,” said Winsett. “How many years is that going to be? Think of Puerto Rico last year.”