A North Chattanooga pizza place hopes to reopen by weekend after Tuesday's storm damaged the business.

Part of the roof was blown off causing water to leak inside of the restaurant.

Cal Todd says the damage from the storm caused a minor leak into the kitchen.

Insurance will cover a majority of the cost, and that's why State Farm agent Jon Lakamp says it's always important to know what your policy covers.

“One of the things we see from a lot of people is, they don't see the multiple deductibles in a home owners or even in a business policy. And those multiple deductibles can add up,” Lakamp said.

Lakamp says it's hard to prepare for severe weather.

"With the storms and the way they hit this market, it's difficult to know where they are hit. There aren't necessarily areas that are hit more often than others,” Lakamp said.

In most cases, damage isn't reported to insurance companies until days after the storm hits. If left unreported, it can cause even more problems for your business or home.

"It pushes it that much further, allows more water to get in and cause additional damage to the inside of the home. The ceilings, the walls, and different areas because that water now has an area to go through and get into the home,” Lakamp said.

The owners of Pizza Bros tell Channel 3 their insurance policy will cover most of the repairs. However, not all policies are the same.

"I think too many times people chase after a lower price thinking that all insurers are the same and the way they cover losses is the same and that's just not the case,” Lakamp said.

That is why Lakamp urges people to read the fine print.

"Making sure you have and understand the coverage is really important when selecting the right type of policy,” Lakamp advised.

Lakamp says after every storm, inspect the home and don't hesitate to ask insurance companies any questions about certain policies.