What's the first thing you do when a ride share car pulls up? Driver Garnet Shaw bets it's not what you should be doing.

"There are security measures that the others have in place but people don't do them,” Shaw said. “Like checking the plate number. I've had exactly four people check the plate number."

Shaw and his business partner Dennis Kerley launched RideSpider, a Chattanooga-based ride share company, to bring a much needed change to the market.

"I think of how I would feel if my wife or my son were taking a ride with ride share and I was worried about them making it home safely,” Kerley said.

After a conversation with a female driver, Kerley was bothered by the lengths she went to in order to feel secure.

"Sadly the statistics for women that are picked up and have things happen is way more common than it should be,” Kerley said.

So as he developed RideSpider, he wanted to give women new safety options.

"We can provide a service where women riders can request women drivers and where women drivers can turn on the option at certain times to only pick up female passengers,” he said.

RideSpider only has male drivers right now, but Kerley says their first woman is set to come on board next week. The company is taking safety even further. Lights on every car are a way to double check your driver.

"It has a QR code on the light that you can actually scan so you can bring up the driver’s profile on your phone,” Shaw said.

Shaw says even though most rides end up alright, RideSpider wants to make sure every ride gets you to your destination.

"The majority of the rides are decent safe rides, it's just the ones that make the news are the ones that something goes wrong,” he said.

Right now the company is only taking rides by phone, but they're hoping to launch their app by the end of October, so you can catch a ride with just a tap.