An important tool police agencies use to decrease the number of opioid overdoses is Narcan. The medication reverses 93% of overdoses.

Narcan is also known as naloxone. When given to a patient on opioids, it can quickly restore normal respiration to a person whose breathing has slowed or stopped as a result of overdosing.

The Chattanooga Police Department says the number of drug overdoses in the city has increased. In return, the number of times officers administer the medication has increased.

In the last year, Chattanooga agencies have already given it to 175 people and about 43 people have died from drug overdoses.

Police officers in the Channel 3 viewing were equipped with Narcan beginning in 2017.
However, not all of the officers on the force of our three major counties have Narcan. Those counties are Hamilton, Bradley, and Whitfield.

While researching, Channel 3 discovered not every department in our three big cities have administered the drug as often as others. The Dalton police department has only done so five times since 2017.