Doctors are concerned about a new age group this flu season: people who vape.

Doctor Charles Rudolph talks about this recent trend.

He says what's so alarming is all of the unknown information about vape pens.

“It's not regulated,” said Rudolph. “You just don't know what's there, and now we have six deaths attributed to it.”

Rudolph says the different chemicals in the vapor can decrease your ability to fight off the flu.

“The place the flu initially attacks you is through your respiratory system,” said Rudolph. “You breathe in through your nose and your mouth. That gives the virus access to your immune system.”

Typically, doctors are concerned about the elderly and children.

This year, people in their teens and twenties are warned to go the extra miles to protect themselves from getting sick.

“If you get the flu, and you get pneumonia caused by the flu,” said Rudolph. “That kills people every year.”

With so much debate about the regulations surrounding vaping, Rudolph can only compare the data to those who smoke cigarettes.

He says the impact of this depends on the person.

“When you stop, you do get some preparation of lung cells and improvement,” said Rudolph. “But it is not the same with everybody.”

Rudolph knows flu season is still a few weeks away but encourages everyone to go ahead and get prepared.

“Keeping sanitizer in your car keep it in your purse any place where you go that there are a lot of people,” said Rudolph.