The Terrace at Mountain Creek is facing several serious violations, according to the Tennessee Department of Health. On September 5, the facility was suspended from admitting new patients.

Violations include services with residents' medication being administered, personal services provided to residents, admissions, medical records, and issues with plan of care.

Not only can they not take in new patients but they also have to pay a $26,000 fine.

Janice Marsden said they moved her mother into the Terrace at Mountain Creek on February 1, 2019. Through a letter sent to management on March 12, she said when they moved her mother into the facility they were confident she would get adequate care, and that she could “age in place.”

But in that same letter to the regional director of the company she expressed her concerns.

“Medications have been late (morning meds not offered until mid-afternoon), no personal care prompting, maintenance tickets are not completed,” wrote Marsden.

Marsden even detailed a list of complaints in her letter.

Here is the full letter by Janice Marsden:


She said that her mother lived in the facility for two more months after the initial complaint and ultimately removed her from the home because she felt her mother’s health was at risk.

You can read the full letter requesting a refund and detailing issues with her mother's care below: 


A suspension notice from the Tennessee Department of Health said the violations are serious enough that the commissioner considers this to be detrimental to health safety or welfare of the residents.

Here is the full suspension notice sent by the state health department:

Management from the Terrace at Mountain Creek sent Channel 3 the following statement:

"At The Terrace at Mountain Creek, delivering personalized care to each of our residents remains our top priority. While new resident acceptance is temporarily suspended, we continue to comply with all requests from the Tennessee Department of Health and are confident that the non-compliance findings and the suspension will be lifted shortly. As evidenced by our recent investment, we remain committed to providing the highest quality, safe environment for all members of our community."

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