UPDATE: A jury has been selected in Tony Bigoms' retrial. 

Fourteen people from Hamilton County were selected out of a pool of 96 people to hear the trial. 

Two alternates will be randomly chosen before deliberations begin.

The jury was given instructions Tuesday afternoon to go home and pack a bag and report to a hotel where they will be sequestered during the remainder of the trial. 

They are not allowed access to cell phones, internet, TV or news.

Bigoms was sentenced to life in prison plus four years for killing Wilkes and dismembering her body in 2012. 

But a court of appeals reversed the judgment citing issues with jury sequestration and the judge's decision to allow testimony about a different murder, which Bigoms was acquitted of. 

This time prosecutors are hoping for another conviction while the defense is hoping for a fair trial. 

But Wilkes' family wants justice for what happened to her. 

Bigoms was a friend of Wilkes' husband and was the last person seen with her. 

She told family members she was afraid of Bigoms before she went missing. 

This week it will be up to a jury of Bigoms' peers to decide his fate. 

The jury will be back in the courtroom at 9:00 AM Wednesday. 

The trial is expected to last through next Monday. 

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PREVIOUS STORY: The jury has been selected in the retrial of Tony Bigoms.

The 58-year-old was convicted five years ago of killing and dismembering Dana Wilkes.

However, a court of appeals reversed the judgment, saying Bigoms didn't get a fair trial.

Fourteen people will hear trial out of a jury pool of 96.

The jury will be sequestered potentially through next Monday.

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