Parents are getting ready to head into an interactive classroom to bring lessons home to help their families. 

Orchard Knob Middle School will host a four-week class teaching people to shop for healthy food on a budget. 

Tonya Turman tries to keep different programs coming to help parents. 

One of the latest programs was a budgeting class, and that sparked the idea for this new initiative.

“Well, we see a lot of fast food,” said Tonya Turman. “We try to introduce the students to fresh fruits and different foods they haven't had before.” 

The goal is to establish a healthy lifestyle for generations to come. 

For two hours a week, parents will learn how to shop for healthy foods on a budget. 

“The grocery stores have bought one get ones,” said Turman. “Just teaching you how to shop, went to the shop, and using coupons.” 

Turman knows the stigma of healthy food is it's not being tasty. 

The free classes will have someone available to cook meals for them to try at home. 

She wants these workshops to open people's minds to keep everyone interested in trying new items. 

“Come up with different meals may be using the same ingredients, but just making a new little spin on it,” said Turman. 

The other part of the class helps families come up with different ways to stay active. 

Turman says people don't necessarily need a gym membership to stay fit. 

“Do exercises at homes, and what you can do to get involved with your children like taking a walk at the park,” said Turman. 

Again, this program is free for anyone to attend. 

It starts this Tuesday from 10 AM to 12 PM at Orchard Knob Middle School.