Moon River 2019 got underway Saturday afternoon. For organizer Jeff Cuellar and his team, the festival is all about experience.

"For us it's about creating that destination and that micro-experience so people have something to look forward to,” he said.

It’s an experience reflected in Chattanooga.

"Chattanooga is amazing,” Cuellar said. “It's our opportunity to help tell the world how amazing it is."

After selling out its first year in the Scenic City, organizers kept things rolling.

Cuellar says small tweaks like R-F-ID wristbands, kid friendly activities and a slightly bigger crowd are ways to improve.

"I think we did more tweaks this year, realizing the successful blueprint from last year's festival and it's like what can we do to improve the overall fan experience,” he said.

But the team needed to do that without losing what makes Moon River special.

"No one wants to be a dot in the crowd anymore. They want that intimate, personal experience,” Cuellar said.

So as tourists and locals alike head to Coolidge Park, Cuellar wants them to be welcomed into a family 10,000 strong.

"It's a big family. From the artists to the producers and the fans, everyone is a part of that extended family,” he said.

This year is a sell-out again, so if you’re hoping to catch any of the acts and don’t have a ticket yet, Cuellar says you’ll have to find one from a secondary seller.