A Dalton business is now closed and police are investigating after an SUV crashed through its storefront on Wednesday.

While one of the store owners is in the hospital recovering following the accident, the other is left cleaning up the mess.

"It's just deciding what we can salvage and what we need to do," Creative Sewing Children's Boutique Owner Nancy Dailey told Channel 3.

She didn't want to be shown on camera but is now picking up the pieces of her store.

"We've got to get all the glass off the floor and get the stuff out. We've got to decide what might have glass on it that we can't sell any longer," she said.

Remaining pieces of children's clothing that were strewn across the store she and her partner Jane Smith started 31 years ago are now sitting in bags.

"Our fall stock was in and we had to order that in January. It's gone now," Dailey said.

It's all the result of a black SUV plowing into the store on September 4th according to Dalton Police.

"We were putting out merchandise and my partner was in this room...the next thing I knew it hit my partner and threw her across the floor and...it knocked that wall out and all that stuff," Dailey explained.

Investigators say the driver told them she mistook her gas pedal for her brakes.

"Nobody knows what happened. It just happened," Dailey said.

That mistake is one both Dailey and Smith are now paying for in damages and injuries sustained.

"We've got to figure out rebuilding this and that wall and it's just gonna be a mess," said Dailey.

Dailey told Channel 3 she doesn't know when the shop will be back open but is grateful the incident at the store known to have lots of children inside wasn't worse.

Dailey, Smith and Smith's dog were the only ones inside the store when the accident happened.

The driver of the SUV has not been charged at this time.