The East Hamilton Hurricanes are trading in pass blocking and spread offense, for downward dog, and Namaste.

"We're doing yoga to try to help the kids with a little flexibility and balance. It's something that we put in this year to help us be a little more flexible," head coach Grant Reynolds said.

Imagine that, football players doing yoga, a day before they open region play.

"I know NFL players, some of them do a lot of yoga. Look at them on Sundays, they look like they can move, you know," linebacker Benjamin Holmes said.

He's not lying. Super bowl champions Victor Cruz and Ray Lewis were known for practicing yoga. Pro football Hall of Famer Lynn Swann even took it a step further and actually did ballet.

"Well me personally I can't really touch my toes. So I think it will help, especially, to get my flexibility and range better," wide receiver Conner Thornburg said.

"It hurt a little bit I'm not going to lie. It will be beneficial for everyone at the end," fullback Nathan Lee said.

Weekly yoga sessions are just a snippet of a completely revamped East Hamilton football program. Other teams may take a more traditional approach a day before a game. The ‘Canes are bending over backwards to get into the region title picture in 2019.

"I think it's something special we do and I think that it will help all of us at the end of the day," Lee said.

"We just got to keep using that energy throughout the game. We did a great job this last game of using that energy. Now, we got to use it all the way through the game," quarterback Haynes Eller said.

East Hamilton and East Ridge play at 7:30 in our FNF game of the week. Tune in at 11 for highlights and postgame reaction.