About 10,000 people are expected to attend this year’s Moon River Music Festival.

This is the second year the festival has been held in Chattanooga.

The changes aren't major. They are just improvements from last year.

The fire marshal attended Moon River to check the capacity of Coolidge Park for the festival. They gave Drew Holcomb and his team permission to up the capacity for this year.

Now, a thousand more people will be able to enjoy the concert this weekend.

“To tell us here's what we need to do, and they gave us quite a bit more leeway this year,” said Drew Holcomb. “We didn't take the whole leeway because we still loved the way the festival felt.”

They also noticed a good number of children.

So this year they wanted to make sure that those kids felt more included.

“The Songbird museum is going to do guitar lessons,” said Holcomb. “There is going to be some kid yoga. Dolly Parton's imagination library is setting up a tent.”

Holcomb knows we are in the thick of football season, and people don't want to miss those important games.

To avoid that, the lookout lounge had several TV's showing different games.

“It was so crowded last year though that we had to limit who could go in,” said Holcomb. “So this year we are also putting in an outdoor screen. So whichever game seems to be the most popular will go on that big outdoor screen.”

Security is still the number one priority for the crew.

They will still have people patrolling the bridge to make sure people aren't camping out to listen to music.

Just as a reminder backpacks are not allowed inside the park.

They have multiple lanes for security checkpoints, and this year they accepting TSA pre-check.

“They come with their TSA pre-number all they have to do is print out the email, or print out the number,” said Holcomb. “Then, there's an expedited line, and hopefully that will create a quicker in and out for everyone.”