With more than 550,000 passengers expected to travel through Chattanooga's airport in 2019, the airport is busier than ever.

So if you plan to fly out of CHA airport any time soon, officials say you'll need to arrive early to check-in for your flight.

"I usually get to the Chattanooga Airport an hour early," passenger Jordan Wooten told Channel 3. "Chattanooga's normally about an hour," another passenger Gregory Milligan said.

According to a spokesperson, this year there was a 12% increase in the number of travelers boarding flights. So, they also expect an increase in the time it takes to get through the airport with changes to the flight schedule and larger air crafts.

"I think it would be safe instead of running through the airport like home alone. You definitely want to be here early so you don't miss your flight," Milligan said.

Channel 3 asked several passengers at the airport what they thought about the changes.

It's just been kind of an easy airport to get in and out of so for us to have to get here earlier and have to sit and hang around that's a little upsetting," Wooten explained.

While she told Channel 3 she was disappointed by the news, Wayne Wells said he was excited to have more options.

"I think it's really good they're adding more flights to it and have more of a selection on direct flights now," he said.

Hunter Pruett says his only hope is the price to book a flight stays low.

"As long as the prices compensate for the waiting time, then I don't mind waiting."

Time flies when you're making your way through a busy airport but officials say getting there early will be your ticket on board.

The new flight schedule will impact four flights beginning September 9th. According to a news release, Charlotte flights will depart at 5:08 am and 7:08 am, and the DFW flight will depart at 5:42 am. A direct flight to Philadelphia will depart at 7:30 am.