A woman is behind bars in Dade County after authorities say she starved four of her horses, causing one of them to die.  Three horses were rescued from a pasture off Smith Road in Trenton, GA. 

Emily Brown, 21,  was arrested on one felony charge of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals and is facing several related misdemeanor charges. 

She is currently being held at the Dade County Jail. 

Authorities weren't sure the last time the animals had been fed. The horses were eating tree limbs, bark, and their own feces. 

"You can see the ribs pretty bad on a couple of the horses," said Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross. 

Cross says the horses are severely malnourished. 

"I'm disgusted with this. This is very inhumane to see animals like this. I love horses, I used to have horses myself and to let one go like this-- there's no excuse for it," Sheriff Cross told Channel 3. 

Three horses are skin and bone. The fourth horse starved to death last week. The county buried it on the property with a bulldozer Thursday afternoon. 

"We have one deceased horse and three others that are in very bad shape," Cross added.

Authorities arrested Brown after receiving an anonymous tip about the horses.

They say the property hasn't had running water since February 2017 and Brown hadn't checked on the horses in three months.

"I will pray for you, I will pray for you," said Lee Rast, sending a message to Brown. 

Rast owns Red Clay Ranch, a rescue sanctuary where these horses will live out the rest of their days.

"He's definitely starved and the other one is pathetically emaciated," said Rast. 

She's been rescuing horses for 8 years. She says she hasn't seen many as bad off as these guys. 

"Usually when I get here it's a mixture of disbelief, sadness, and I will say rage," Rast says. 

Rast is working to make sure the grass is greener on the other side for these horses. 

"They've done their time and they just deserve to live a happy life in green fields," said Rast. 

If you'd like to donate to the Red Clay Ranch where the horses will be going visit http://redclayrescue.org/

PREVIOUS STORY: The Dade County Sheriff's Office is responding to a case of animal cruelty in Trenton on Thursday.

It's happening in the 100 block of Roberta Lane off Smith Drive near the Alabama state line.

The sheriff's office says a horse died of starvation and three others are being removed from the property.

The sheriff's office says the owner of the horses, Emily Brown, is in custody, facing felony charges of animal cruelty.

Channel 3 has crew working to learn more.

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