A Facebook post from the Luminary-Frostbite Volunteer Fire Department stated:

"Maybe if members of the community actually participated in the community, we would have more members. But no, that's not what the community does. The community hates itself. The churches don't support the department. Only one business in the community supports the department." 


Michael Steadham the president of the LFVFD said the post came out of frustration. 

"The frustration is we don't have enough people, we don't have enough community support, we get limited support from the county via district," said Steadham. 

The department covers 63 square miles. So far this year they've answered 47 calls. 

If none of the volunteers are available they have to call a neighboring district to help. 

"You're looking at about 30 to 45 minutes minimum, and that's if they're all available," said Steadham. 

He said just last week they had to call out to another department to set up a landing zone for life force. 



"It was just like the perfect storm, 10 were at work, two had not been certified for that particular incident and another was out of the county," said Steadham. 

Funding is also an issue for the department, they only receive $5,000 from the county. They make up the $15,000 they need with fundraisers and boot drives. 

"If the proper finances aren't available we would restrict ourselves to only life threatening calls," said Steadham.

Chief Lloyd Draper said they need the community's help. 

"We need more volunteers and of course we do need the funding, as much as we can," said Draper. "The more people that we have, the better off we will be able to serve our community."

If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter, click here for more information.