UTC's Student Government Association held an open forum on Tuesday about student safety on campus after a suspicious person was reported with a rifle last week.

Student Body president Stan Settles was on campus last week when it happened. He says the point of Tuesdays forum was to continue the conversation about campus safety.

"I've said all week, every student wants two things when they come to college: good education and a safe community. Live, learn, and grow in college,” Settles said.

It's been a week since panic and chaos took over UTC, leaving some students concerned.

"I had friends who immediately had panic attacks and such. My boyfriend continues to have night terrors because of the possibility of something happening like this and we are not prepared,” one UTC sophomore said.

A panel of administrators took comments and questions from the student body.

Some students praised the response of Chattanooga Police and other law enforcement agencies.

But the question on everyone's minds is, why didn't the campus go on lockdown?

"I didn't have anybody tell me where to go. I don't know if I am supposed to go to class or I'm supposed to stay or do I leave the dorm. What do I do?” A UTC Resident Assistant said.

Others complain they didn't get alerts.

One student said he had a friend tell him he saw the reports on TV about the situation.

Vice chancellor Dr. Richard Brown explained the initial response was because information was scarce, but now thinks a lockdown would have been the right call.

"And in retrospect, it looked like and I too think we should have locked down the campus if we had consistent information,” Brown said.

Senior Blake Corman feels reassured officials are taking responsibility.

"I think they took this as a wake-up call. To be able to promote safety and accommodate everybody appropriately this year and in the future,” Corman said.

UTC received more than $1-million from the state to enhance campus security.

Brown says the conversation isn't over, and he and the university will always put students' safety above everything.