Millions of people are packing their bags to leave the East Coast ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

Meantime, volunteers with the American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee chapter deployed Tuesday morning. 


Last week volunteers Gail Cunningham and Steve Drye were at West Palm Beach to help set up evacuation shelters. 

It wasn't long until the Red Cross called Ken Crox and Al Ceren to pack their bags. 

On Tuesday morning, the pair prepared the emergency response vehicle for Montgomery, AL. 

"A staging area, from there they will distribute the trucks to wherever they need them," Cox said.

Memories as a volunteer during Hurricane Harvey in 2016 are what brought him back. 

"You can go into a community and people will have all of their belongings including the sheetrock off the walls, piled on the sidewalk or in front of their house, it's devastating to them," Cox said. 

Hurricane Dorian is Ceren's second deployment. 

"The first one was to Hurricane Florence last year, I was in South Carolina," Ceren said. 

His background as a firefighter, Navy veteran and registered nurse brought him to volunteer at the American Red Cross. 

"In my careers, that's pretty much what I've done, seen people on their bad days and I've been blessed, I have to give back, I just do," Ceren said. 

Once the team arrives in Montgomery, the service vehicle will be inspected before they are deployed to an area impacted by the storm. 

The best way to help during the storm is by making a donation, according to volunteers.

You can do that by texting "Dorian" to 90999 or visiting the American Red Cross website