(KGW/NBC News) A Vancouver, Washington family's dog is back home after an amazing ordeal.

Niko is 16-year-old Caden Alt’s adventure partner.

“He's always fun to have around,” Caden explained. “He's right there at your side walking around and yeah, he's just awesome.”

On July 26, Niko went camping with Caden's father, David Alt, in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Later that night, Niko wandered over to the road and got hit by a car. David ran from the campsite just in time to see Niko sprint off into the woods.

“A lady jumped out of the car immediately and said I don't know how he could've survived that,” David alt explained.

David searched all night, but could not find Niko. He said it was devastating.

For the next 31 days, he and Caden spent as much time as they could going back to look.

Then this Sunday, they got a call from two guys who had seen a post about Niko on Facebook and spotted him about 100 yards from where he disappeared.

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