I was at a gas station last week, and a man came in to get 2 dollars from the cashier because he had overpaid for his gas. I had waited through 3 other people in front of me, and was tired and ready to go home. This man asked if he could go first because he had such a small transaction. I was just buying water, by the way. I was stunned, but said, “Sure if you need to”.

That prompts the question, “Is it ever acceptable to ask someone if you can cut in line? I asked for your 3 Cents, and I was a bit surprised. Many of you were fine with it.

Audrey said, “Yes. They might have to use the bathroom.”

James said, “Yes it is OK to ask, but only do so if it is critical that you go ahead of them.”

Jennifer said, “Sure. Why not? Be kind!”

Lou Ann is an actual perpetrator! She confessed, “I was running very late and in an extreme hurry with only a couple of items, and I did ask a person with a buggy full if I could go in front of them.”

Robin chimed in. She said, “We don’t know their reason for asking. Always take the high road and assume there is a good reason they are asking. Offer them grace!”

But not everyone agreed. Some said wait your turn!

Carol came back with, “NO, it is not OK. Sure you don’t know why they asked, but they don’t know your situation. You get in line just like everyone else.”

And Edith is my hero. She said, “Just say sure. You can pay for mine and we will both get out at the same time.”

My 3 Cents? I agree with Carol and Edith.  When you ask to get in front of someone you are communicating that you and your situation are more important and dire than the person in front of you. It’s arrogant. It is basically saying that you are more important than they are.  If there is an emergency so great or you are in too big a hurry to patiently wait your turn then you should make the choice to leave the store and come back when your schedule is a little freer. But dramatically asking everyone else to make amends for your situation is selfish, and belittling to the person you are asking. With that said, offering to let someone who is obviously struggling or has fewer items is a great thing to do. We’ll close with this post from Cathy who said, “It was refreshing to read kind responses. Think I will invite someone to go before me, today, tomorrow, & the next day. You never know what difference, your kind gesture may make.”

So true, Cathy. And that’s my 3 Cents. if you have a rant or something positive you want to rave about I want to know! Give me a call at 423-643-9722 and give me your 3 Cents.