Bob Murphy and his wife left Palm Bay, Florida on Friday, days before a mandatory evacuation went into place in Brevard County.

“I realized moving down here [to Florida] this was going to be a way of life,” Murphy said.

Channel 3 met the Murphy’s at the I-75 Welcome Center on Monday morning. They were heading to Chattanooga and then to Nashville after spending the weekend in Georgia.

“We're from Connecticut and we've had borderline category one, but not anything close to a five and being this close to it,” Murphy said. “We came in at the tail end of the hurricane season last year and now this is our official first time evacuating.”

Once news of Hurricane Dorian spread, the Murphy’s hit the road leaving their new condo behind in the sunshine state.

“It was a gamble whether or not it was going to go north or south. We said either way if it hits the coast we want to be far enough away from it,” Murphy explained.

As evacuations went into effect, traffic at the Tennessee border grew within minutes. 

“If we would've waited there a little bit longer and see how things ended up we would've just been tuck in more traffic plus the holiday,” said Murphy.

The couple is treating their stay like a last minute vacation, but they're counting their blessings as Bahamians battle the hurricane and others brace for impact.

“They have nowhere to go. At least we're lucky we can go up the coast and go inland,” he said. “You know it's sad.”