Over 30 local businesses will be participating in the New Moon Bash on Friday. The Moon River Festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Nicole Griffin, the co-owner of Tangerinas, said she's ready to go. 

"Well I have a couple of other artists coming into the shop and we activate this whole area out front," said Griffin. "So it's me and all the Northshore."

She said the week before the festival starts is when she sees an increase in business. 

"The days leading up to it, yes," said Griffin. "We saw so many tourists so many people come into town, being excited about the festival."

Over 10,000 people attended last year, and tickets sold out for the festival in February of this year. This is the second year Moon River will be held in Chattanooga.

Kitchen manager at Brewhaus, Nicholas Jones, said it's a great opportunity to bring in new customers. 

"We've had people come from Knoxville, Nashville just to see us and so we love people from out of town coming back here and trying our food again," said Jones. 

So they're gearing up for the weekend. 

"We're prepping, we have a couple tricks up our sleeve for what's going to hit us and we're just trying to get everything ready so all the food is ready for the customers," said Jones. 

Griffin said it's not just a boost for business, but a chance for the community to come together in support of local musicians and businesses.

"Well it's all local musicians too which is awesome because Moon River doesn't have any local people, that's one thing I'm excited about, I'm a music junkie," said Griffin. 

If you're attending the Moon River Festival, click here for a full list of what you can and can't bring to the festival, along with more information about parking and transportation.