As Hurricane Dorian approaches the states, an official evacuation warning has been issued.

However, crews from the Tennessee Valley are headed right to the area that is expected to see the most devastation.

Twelve experienced lineman from the Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative represents someone's father, husband or brother.

They headed out early Monday morning ahead of the storm to be ready for whatever happens because of Hurricane Dorian.

On Friday, crews were told their Labor Day plans would be cut short because their services may be needed in Florida.

“Guys this is not yawls first storm,” said Mike Partin. “So you know you're going into the unknown.”

Michael Griffith is one of the foremen of this trip and says the days leading up to the departure were bittersweet.

“Tell our family goodbye with what little bit of time we have left. It gets special,” said Michael Griffith. “So we just try to squeeze everything in a condensed period.”

This crew of 12 heads down to Satilla, Georgia where they will wait for the Hurricane Dorian to make landfall.

From there, they will go out to areas that are without power.

CEO Mike Partin says it could be a rough few days for these linemen.

“Where we have stayed in everything from tent city major hurricane events to hotels without water and electricity,” said Partin. “We stayed in storm trailers.”

Before the crew heads out, Partin huddles with the men to make sure they are mentally and physically prepared for the job ahead of them.

“Double check and doublecheck,” said Partin. “We want you to come home just like you left here today.”

Griffith has been on nearly a dozen storm trips, and also knows the emotional toll events like this can take on his family.

“They are sitting at home and like you say they're watching the weather and they are nervous,” said Griffith. “So we try to keep in contact with them once or twice a day with the cell phone.”

Griffith hopes to talk to his wife and two children at least twice a day, and he has a message for his loved ones.

“Letta and the kids, I love you very much and we will be fine,” said Griffith. “I will be in touch.”

This is a five-hour road trip. They will have to wait to see how the storm will impact the area before they can determine when they will be back.