Many residents in Florida are riding out Dorian which was recently upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane.

For some college students in Florida, the storm means canceled classes, including for one Chattanooga native who attends Jacksonville University. 

Senior Lexie Kyriakidis evacuated after Jacksonville University canceled classes for the beginning of the week with the hurricane set to make landfall Tuesday. 

Now, she's 450 miles away to ensure safety in Chattanooga. 

"It's really scary when the people that you love are still down there in the storm's path," Kyriakidis told Channel 3. "I left because I wasn't sure what was going to happen."

She says she left at the right time. 

"Now that it's a five, and I'm seeing just how strong of a category five it is, I'm so glad I'm here just because we don't know what the storm is going to do," she said.

"It's tough when you know you go back to campus next week and it might be damaged, you might not have class in this building, or there might be flooding," Kyriakidis said.

She hopes the storm doesn't echo the damage caused by the last hurricane. 

"This is my fourth year at Jacksonville and I've had two other hurricanes; I've gone through Irma and Matthew as well," recalled Kyriakidis. 

She says her friends in Florida are preparing for the worst. 

"My friends who have houses in Florida went home to help their families kind of prepare and board up the shutters," Kyriakidis said. 

She says now they wait. 

"Hopefully Dorian stays off the coast and it's not that dangerous," Kyriakidis told Channel 3. 

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