McKamey Animal Center is joining in aid efforts ahead of Hurricane Dorian. They brought in their first group of animals, 29 dogs and 8 cats, from a Georgia shelter on Sunday.

Mindy Kolin, McKamey’s director of development and external relations, says that's how they clear space for pets displaced by storms.

"Unfortunately not everybody microchips. But also when there's a disaster people have to evacuate and a lot of times people leave their animals home,” she said.

The work McKamey and other shelters do ahead of storms is a critical part of the disaster relief process.

"We are a disaster relief center, because just as much as people need support and a place to stay, so do animals,” Kolin said.

McKamey is already pretty packed. Kolin says they put out the call for fosters a few days ago, but the timing wasn't ideal.

"People have been calling, but it is a holiday weekend so it's slower than I've seen before,” she said. “When we put up the plea during Hurricane Barry, we were slammed."

The Center needs fosters now more than ever, as it finds ways to keep clearing space at other shelters in the storm's path.

"We put a plea out for air-conditioned vehicles, trucks, cargo vans, that people might be able to let us use so that our teams can go bring back even more,” Kolin said.

The task is daunting, but Kolin says it needs to get done, and fast.

"It's super important because when a storm hits there's going to be displaced animals in that city all by itself,” she said.

McKamey is preparing to head back out on Monday to pick up another group of in-need animals.

The Center is also still asking for fosters. The application can be found on their website