Dorian upgraded to a Category 3 hurricane and is expected to make landfall Tuesday.

As Floridians make preparations, power crews from the Tennessee Valley are heading into the storm's path.

EPB, which stands for Electric Power Board, sent five crews from Chattanooga to Florida to be ready when Dorian strikes.

"As we all know hurricanes are pretty unpredictable," J.Ed Marston with EPB tells Channel 3. 

Chattanooga Electric Power Board is not leaving anything to chance with Florida now in a state of emergency. 

"When it comes to a devastating storm, you can't count on luck," said Marston.

The five crews will stay in place until Dorian makes landfall so they can help restore power. 

"What they'll be doing essentially is putting up broken poles, replacing broken poles, putting up power lines-- they'll be doing a wide range of things to restore power in the area," Marston said. 

EPB hopes crews will be back next week, but there is no way to tell how bad Dorian's punch will be. 

"If there is something serious it could be longer," said Marston. 

The power company says their crews are well equipped to handle the storm.

"Our crews know how to operate safely in some very dangerous conditions and they'll be doing that down in Florida if indeed there are heavy impacts," Marston told Channel 3. 

Marston says though the storm won't hit the Tennessee Valley, help needs to be given to neighbors in need. 

"When we have a devastating storm-- other utilities do this for us so we try very hard whenever we possibly can to provide that kind of assistance to other communities," said Marston. 

Another electric company from the Tennessee Valley is also planning to help. Athens Utility Board (AUB) will deploy crews Saturday morning. Channel 3 will be there with a live report.