While Hurricane Dorian continues to strengthen and move closer to Florida, people traveling to the Sunshine State for the holiday weekend are being warned to take extra precaution.

"Labor Day is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year of course," Travel Agent Amber Dixon told Channel 3. "With the predicted hurricane landing in Florida over the weekend, lots of travel plans changing, lots of cruises, itineraries changing, lots of things to be aware of," she continued.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has already declared a State of emergency ahead of the now Category 3 storm, which is expected to make landfall on Tuesday.

Dixon says for her clients with trips planned during hurricane season, she's keeping an eye on their itineraries.

"We just watch the weather closely, we also watch what are the cruise lines saying? What are they changing their itineraries to? What are they predicting for themselves?" she said.

But if you aren't using an agent, the 'Limitless Destinations' Travel Agency owner recommends checking in with your airline to see what plans may be in place for cancellations and delays.

"If you have a Delta flight, check with Delta or same with American. All the major airlines have sent out releases saying what their plans are, what they're doing to make different arrangements," she explained.

Dixon is also advising people to travel "smart" by packing storm kit essentials.

"Make sure you have some water or necessities in your room in case of a power outage or in case you can access things. I know people living in Florida are preparing themselves," she said.

One other step Dixon highly recommends people taking is purchasing flight or trip insurance, so that in the event it's canceled you'll get a refund of your money.