Many people of the Tennessee Valley care about the weather and hurricanes, despite our distance from the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

The Channel 3 Storm Alert Team actively follows the hurricanes as well, and we know you want to track them easily.

Here are the 3 ways you can follow Hurricane Dorian with the Channel 3 online tools:

  • Under the 'Weather' tab on the home page, you'll find our Hurricane Tracker.
  • The interactive map allows you to see the actual and projected tracks of the storm. You can add layers to display for the 'spaghetti' models, winds or even lightning. This map works in all browsers.

WRCB Weather App

  • The WRCB Weather App's Radar function can be found by launching the app, and scrolling down, or using the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.
  • There you'll find a vertical row of buttons (which are customizable) and a round button with three dots. Tapping on that allows you to select what layers (overlays), weather conditions, alerts and types of maps you would like to display.
  • Pinch in or out to zoom the map in or out and move the map's view.
  • Another helpful function - Locations, where you can set multiple locations to see forecasts for specific areas, such as a relative's home or your favorite vacation spot.
  • The app runs and all currently supported smartphones (Android and iOS) and tablets.

WRCB News App

  • Found under the Menu icon on the upper left-hand corner, the WRCB News App's Radar display shows storms tracks much like the WRCB Weather App.
  • At the lower right of the Radar screen, you'll see a Layers button (a dark circle with two squares stacked). There, you can enable Tropical Tracks and follow the storm's movement. There are other options to can enable there as well.
  • The app runs and all currently supported smartphones (Android and iOS) and tablets.

We're always working to keep our apps updated with improved features to help you stay safe. Thanks for trusting Channel 3 for your weather and news!

The WRCB Hurricane Tracker, the WRCB News App and the WRCB Weather App.