A young boy from Chattanooga is going above and beyond to help animals that don’t have a home.

In his spare time, Colt Daniels raises money for local animal shelters.

He’s only 6 years-old, but he already has a big heart for helping others, especially cats and dogs.

“They’re cute and they’re fluffy,” said Daniels.

A few months ago he came up with the idea to help animal shelters and gave his project a name, “Colt’s Critters.”

“I just want to make the puppies happy,” Daniels told Channel 3.

He makes toys, sells them and then takes the money and gives it to McKamey Animal Center.

Each toy is made from recycled materials and Daniels puts them together mostly by himself.

“He helps cut the fabric and picks out all of the colors and he'll help knot them when he can. He has to have help with that part,” Colt's mom Erin Daniels told Channel 3.

He even has his own Instagram account, managed by his mom, which follows his involvement in the community.

Daniels recently set up at the Chattanooga Children’s Business Fair and made $40 to give to the shelter. Daniels comes from a family that likes to give back.

His older brother, Cash, is known as the “Conservation Kid” because he organizes volunteers for monthly cleanups along the Tennessee River.

“I’m super proud. It’s not every day that kids are giving back and doing things that they’re doing all the time,” said Erin.

Daniels says helping the shelter makes him “super happy” and that is his main goal.