The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says a teen driver is at fault for last week's school bus crash in Harrison that hurt 13 students.

Thursday, Hamilton County School officials and several law enforcement agencies held a press conference in response to the five wrecks involving school buses this year.

The message was simple: pay more attention to the school buses and no matter what kind of hurry you are in, it's not worth risking a child's life.

Lt. Daniel Jones with the Chattanooga Police Department says people have to start stopping when they see the red flashing lights on the school bus.

“Sometimes you're not going to see that little kindergartener coming around the front of the bus, so it's imperative that folks pay attention specifically when the buses have flashing lights,” Lt. Jones said. “The problem that we are having with folks out on the roadways right now is that they are not paying attention to the road, which is what they should be doing.”

There are over 280 school buses in Hamilton County, traveling a combined 800 routes every day.