The McKamey Animal Center is preparing to take in hundreds of pets from shelters in the hurricane's path.

The center is asking for people to foster pets for 10-14 days to make room for pets coming from shelters in the southeast.

A team from McKamey will head to the affected areas on Saturday, hoping people will come foster animals beforehand. 

"Fostering makes a huge difference in all shelters because fostering helps the most vulnerable animals," said Jamie McAloon with McKamey Animal Center. 

The shelter says the amount of animals they can help in the hurricane depends on how many pets people across the Tennessee Valley are willing to take in. 

"The community is what really makes it possible because they support the animals by getting them out of the shelter and giving us the room. There has always been a great response by the people in the city of Chattanooga that say we'll help you if you're going to go down there," McAloon told Channel 3. 

If you can't foster a pet, McAloon says they are in need of food, blankets, and toys. 

For more questions on how you can foster a pet call McKamey Animal Center at (432) 305- 6500.