UPDATE: Crews spent hours trying to get a garbage truck out of a house off Brown Avenue in Cleveland on Thursday.

Inspectors say the home is a total loss.

Sheree Willis, who lives at the home, wasn't there when the truck crashed in her room. She was at work.

"I'm very thankful we went to work and my dogs were in the living room,” Willis said.

Willis has lived there for more than a year.

Now, she and her roommates are picking up the pieces of what's left of their home.

"At least we are out. That's the most important thing. At least we got out and the dogs got out. Everything else I guess can be replaced. Everything's gone. My room is gone and in about 30 minutes, they are going to demolish it,” Willis said.

Cleveland police say the driver was not behind the wheel when the truck went downhill on Fourth Street and into the home.

Two people were inside the house during the accident. One of them was in the basement when the truck hit.

Property owner Barry Currin says this is a situation you can't prepare for.

"We were in shock. I told my wife we had to get to the house, the Brown Avenue house, because I had told her what happened and of course, our first concern was anybody hurt,” Currin said.

Willis says it's tough losing a place she called home, but knows it could have been worse.

"That's the main thing, as long as nobody is hurt. I mean, it really sucks but you know it could have been worse. Somebody could have died. Could have been us in there and her daughter in her bedroom and killed three people in the middle of the night or if it happened yesterday,” Willis said.

Currin says they plan to put Willis and the other tenants in a hotel until they can find another place to live.

The crash is under investigation.

ORIGINAL STORY: Cleveland police say a garbage truck crashed through a home on Thursday afternoon.

It happened around 3:15 p.m. in the 300 block of Brown Avenue NW.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Evie West tells Channel 3, the driver told police that he got out of the truck to help a coworker and the truck started rolling down 4th Street toward Brown Avenue, where it crashed through a home.

West says the driver of the truck is not hurt.

Deputy Fire Chief Pete VanDusen says one person was in the basement at the time of the crash. Chief VanDusen says the person was not hurt. 

A second person was also in the home on the opposite side from where the truck hit.

Sgt. West says city engineers have condemned the home.

The property owner tells Channel 3, he's glad his tenants were not hurt and says he is looking for another place for them to stay.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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