An East Ridge couple is hoping the city will find a solution after a woman drove off the road and crashed in their front yard.

It happened at the 3000 block of Bennett Road.

Grady Gutshall didn't notice anything unusual until he left for work around 6:45 Tuesday morning.

“[I] saw the fire trucks and ambulance out there and looked down and saw headlights shining back at me, but lower than all of the fire trucks and everything,” he said.

Moments later, Gutshall realized what happened.

“There was a car on it's side that had fallen off the road. My wife said that she had heard something but we hear garbage trucks and stuff going down the road all the time so we didn't think anything of it,” Gutshall said. “I'm assuming the driver was either taken by ambulance or already gone.”

Hours after the accident we got a call from Andrea Denae, who said she was the driver and that she  was okay. Denae was not up to speak to us on camera, but said she was headed to work when she hydroplaned and lost control.

“Thank God no one was coming the other direction,” she said. “I could see it coming.”

Gutshall said after she crashed she called 911 before managing to crawl out from her car through the back windshield. Police say no charges were filed against her.  

“It's an unfortunate situation,” Gutshall said. “I'm just glad that she didn't get hurt.”

Gutshall believes lack of visibility on Bennett Road is the problem.

“If you drive down there you can kind of see that the road is tilted in such a way that that kind of spot could be hard to see if its raining and dark,” he explained. “I think they mainly need either a guardrail because it's such a high drop off or it needs some golden arrows that are reflective that people can see at night.”

We reached out to the East Ridge City Manager Chris Dorsey. He responded to Gutshall’s request with this statement, “Many of the crashes on our two-lane roads are caused by excessive speeding and weather. We are looking into the specifics of what happened and other measures we need to take.”