UPDATE: Robie Robinson, UTC Executive Director of Emergency Services, released a statement about yesterday's events.

“Fortunately, Wednesday’s incident turned out to be a potential and not an actual threat. Still, there was a tremendous campus response with extensive support from area law enforcement. We’re grateful for the law enforcement support and that everyone on campus was safe. The incident was a learning opportunity and, should a similar threat arise in the future, we will choose to err on the side of safety by putting the campus on lockdown status in the event of any potential or actual threat.”

PREVIOUS STORY: After a shooting scare on the campus of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Chancellor Dr. Steven Angle said in retrospect, the campus should have been locked down after reports of a suspicious man near the campus.

"In retrospect, we should have locked down the campus when the report came in of a possible suspicious person in Fletcher Hall and Chattanooga Police Department responded in force," said Dr. Angle, "We will review the decisions that were made and decide whether our assessment process is adequate. In addition, our information systems and processes will be reviewed to ensure there are coordinated, timely and accurate messages across the campus and in the community."

Dr. Angle said this incident is an opportunity to consider procedure changes for UTC.

"We have an emergency operations process in place with specific actions to be taken. While we are thankful that there was not a credible threat on our campus and our students were always safe, there is always an opportunity to assess our actions and consider potential changes to our procedures."