Officer Jeffrey Buckner was hit on Highway 153 last Sunday while at the scene of a crash and was sent to the hospital.

Buckner has since returned to work.

Chattanooga police say Officer Buckner was not wearing his safety vest when he responded to the accident, noting that their protocol only requires officers to wear them when directing traffic.

The driver drove past three police vehicles with their emergency lights on before hitting Buckner. 

CPD says regardless if the officer is wearing a vest, if you see flashing lights on the side of the road, you need to move over.

"If you're a motorist and you're driving up to a scene where you see blue lights, think about the move over law. Think about officers being out of their vehicle," said Officer Kilgore with Chattanooga police. 

The move over law is exactly what it sounds like; if law enforcement is pulled over to the right side of the road with their lights on, you need to switch lanes. 

"If you see any kinds of lights on, just get out of the way, stay to the side, and don't go anywhere near it," Kilgore told Channel 3.

Kilgore says this is especially key when emergency vehicles are responding to a crash.

"If you see blue lights definitely slow down, almost come to a stop, until you determine exactly what is going on," said Kilgore. 

The crash is still under investigation. It is not clear whether the driver who hit the officer will be charged.

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