The Chattanooga Housing Authority will host a housing fair on Thursday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to help low income families find affordable housing in the city.

Anthony Fears with College Hill Courts says affordable housing not only helps families find a home, it helps them build stability and makes Chattanooga a better place for everyone.

"It's an intricate part of the community. You want people to have a great place to live and a community that they have invested in,” Fears said.

They are looking to fill vacancies at College Hill Courts, East Lake and Emma Wheeler Homes.

Fears says they hope to fill up them immediately.

"So we look at it as a win-win situation when we are able to get fresh bodies and making sure that everything is up to date. Everyone is up to date on our waiting list and that does happen every now and then,” Fears said.

Once families have been accepted, they have to pay a security deposit of $160 along with first month’s rent.

Fears says families can apply for financial aid to get help and home they need.

"We even have partner agencies that at times assist residents if they qualify for such assistance,” Fears said.

Each place has one, two, and three bedroom units available.

Fears says tenants can stay as long as they need.

“I'm going to buy a home. Or I'm going to get a duplex or rent elsewhere. So they can say you know what, I started here, but I'm passing through,” Fears said.

He understands the need for affordable housing. 

"We really want to see or be a part of your life experience. Like I used to live there. As a kid, I lived in public housing and it was a stepping stone for me and my family,” Fears said.

Applications are also available online by clicking here.