Wednesday morning, another Hamilton County school bus was involved in an accident.

The bus was a smaller special education bus with one student on it.

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No one was hurt, but this is now the 5th school bus accident this school year.

This bus was tapped from behind as it was headed to Battle academy.

Now, many are expressing their concerns about why so many crashes keep happening.

Three weeks ago, Hamilton County students went back to school.

Each day, drivers carry a total of 20,000 students to and from school.

Sgt. Alan Bailey says bus crashes happen regularly across Tennessee.

“About one a day, sometimes we will go a couple of days and not get one. Then the next day will get two, or three,” said Sgt. Alan Bailey.

These bus accidents have happened within 10 school days.

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Bailey says those buses will have to be repaired before students will be allowed back on board.

“They will do the repairs themselves if it's minor,” said Bailey. “Sometimes with bigger crashes, they will take it to a repair shop.”

Every time a crash happens Tennessee Highway Patrol Troopers are notified.

Then, they have to do a full 20-minute inspection of the bus after repairs are made.

“To make sure that it's sound and safe for students to be on before it goes back in service,” said Bailey.

The majority of the accidents that happened this year have not been the bus drivers fault.

Channel 3 posted about this most recent accident on Facebook.

In an hour, the comment section was full of concerned community members.

One stating "People are not paying attention, plain and simple. It's pretty hard to miss that big yellow thing with flashing lights."

Bailey explains why this trademark color is supposed to keep students safe.

“That's one of the reasons school buses are the national yellow color,” said Bailey. “It draws attention to that school bus, and once you see that yellow school bus be prepared to stop.”

Tennessee law states that all drivers must stop when a bus driver puts out their sign unless there’s a barrier separating the driver's vehicle from the bus.