Every Tuesday and Friday morning Joey Wasserman patiently sits on the curb and waits for them. 

It's no fun being patient. not when you're 4. Not when you know what's coming.

Terri Lunsford, childcare provider, "I would take them and we would wave. And some were scared and some weren't. And then there was Joseph. And Joseph took it to a whole new level."

As in the "has his own uniform" level.

"So that he gets dressed and looks just like them on his daily route, I guess his daily route. Cause Joey's route is Tuesdays and Fridays."

And here they come, the regular Republic services crew, Damian, and Keanu,  who collects trash along little Joey's street in North Richland Hills.

And twice a week they turn onto this particular street to toss trash and lift a little boy's spirits.

Damian is almost always the first to say "hi." 

Terri Lunsford, "People take things for granted all the time. When you're bringing up small children, raising small children, you want to teach them that you don't take things for granted. and there are things in our everyday life that make our lives better. and these guys definitely did that for him."

And Joey doesn't just dress the part he always makes sure to toss a couple of plastic bags full of trash into the truck for good measure.