UPDATE: Crews are on the scene of a hazmat situation on the Tennessee River off Manufacturers Road on Tuesday, where a barge and crane partially sank. 

Channel 3 is learning more about what caused a barge with a crane and truck to sink into the river.

The owner of the property, Jackson Wingfield, tells Channel 3 the barge was attached to his dock without his permission.

Wingfield said he called authorities asking for the barge to be removed late last week. The barge owner was in the process of getting it ready to be move when a pump failed, causing the barge to sink, leaking fuel and oil into the river.

The United States Coast Guard was called in to oversee the removal of the equipment.

Haz-mat crews with the Chattanooga Fire Department were called in Tuesday morning when someone from a nearby business noticed the barge sank in the water.

"The oil in the machinery, we do not want that to spread any further into the beautiful riverfront here,” CFD Public Information Officer Lindsey Rogers said.

Crews deployed white and orange booms on the water to collect any chemicals from spreading downstream.

CFD Battalion Chief David Thompson said drones from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office helped them see how far the chemicals spread.

"Approximately 1/2 a mile down river, there's some parts of it. As far as the thickness or the density of it, or as far as how much is there, I'm for certain as far as how much is down there,” Thompson added.

The barge owner brought in equipment from Dayton to help get everything out of the water.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation said they will visit the site Tuesday night.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Channel 3 has learned the owner of the property has arrived at the scene.

The owner tells Channel 3, the barge was attached to his dock without his permission. He says he called authorities to ask that the barge be removed.

The owner of the barge says he was in the process of moving it when a pump failed and caused the barge to sink.

The coast guard was called in to assess the situation and help form a plan for cleanup.

Meanwhile, hazmat crews spent the day deploying two sets of booms to soak up oil and fuel that leaked into the water. Officials say it looks like it went about half-mile downstream.

With Tuesday's humidity, keeping crews safe has been priority.

"The goal is to keep everyone hydrated and make sure everybody is taken care of as best as humanly possible and go from there. Swap out crews if needed and things of that nature, depending on how long we're here," said Battalion Chief David Thompson.

Channel 3 was told it will be the barge owner's responsibility to get everything out of the water, which has to be done in accordance with the coast guard's standard. 

No one was hurt.

It's still unclear what caused it to sink.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Crews are on the scene of a hazmat situation on the Tennessee River off Manufacturers Road. 

The Chattanooga Fire Department says, "A crane mounted to a truck was on a barge and part of the barge appears to have collapsed. The crane and the truck are now on the bottom of the river." 

Absorbent booms were placed in the water to contain the resulting oil spill from fuel in the crane and truck.

Channel 3 has a crew en route. 

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