UPDATE: James Mauldin the suspect for the triple shooting in Chattooga County is in custody. At 1:00 pm Wednesday, deputies from the Coweta County Sheriff's Office spotted Mauldin on I-85, after a short chase Mauldin was arrested. 

But before his arrest neighbors in the area were on edge. Ronnie Bata who lives next door to the victims said he thought he head something while he was sleeping. 

"All I remember is that I heard in the middle of the night a thump, I was sleeping," said Bata. 

But he wasn't sure what he heard that night, but he did wake up to sirens. 

"Well before that we heard the sirens and then the neighbor called and said something about there was a shooting," said Bata. 

He and his wife live next door to where mother and son Linda Everett and Joe Brown were killed, and Brown's husband Daryl Marsh was injured on Tuesday. His neighbor didn't only tell them there was a shooting but they were possibly looking for someone else. 

"Don't go outside, she said don't go outside so we was confined inside the house," said Bata. 

So when the Chattooga County Sheriff's Office and the GBI came to the door, Bata was on edge.

"I came to the door and I had my pistol in my hand because I didn't know for sure until we looked out and seen them and I put my pistol up," Bata said. 

He said authorities couldn't tell him much to put him at ease. 

"They didn't know, I wish they could tell me more but they said they didn't know anymore, they were looking for somebody," said Bata. 

But he said they were always good neighbors and he and his wife couldn't believe this happened so close to home. 

After Mauldin's arrest Wednesday, the Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader came out with this statement:

"The GBI will begin processing the vehicle and gathering evidence. I would like to personally thank each officer and employee from my Office and others as well as the agencies that assisted or offered their assistance. I would also like to thank our local media and other media outlets for their quick response in the pushing out of information for us."


PREVIOUS STORY: Suspect James Mauldin was captured Wednesday in nearby Coweta County, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

PREVIOUS STORY: The GBI has released the name and photo of the suspect in a deadly triple-shooting in Chattooga County on Tuesday.

The GBI says arrest warrants have been issued for 38-year-old James Mauldin, who is accused of shooting two people to death and injuring a third person at a home on Highway 100 in Holland area.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader identifies the two people killed as 35-year-old Joe Edward Brown and 61-year-old Linda Mae Everett. Sheriff Schrader says 46-year-old Daryl Lee Marsh was injured.

Sheriff Schrader confirms that Mauldin has been spotted near Birmingham, Alabama.

Mauldin is described as 5'7" tall and weighing around 185 pounds.

The GBI says warrants have also been issued for the theft of a 2003 Honda Civic with Georgia tag number RMR8244.

If you see James Mauldin or have any information about this case, please call the Chattooga County Sheriff's Office at (706) 857-3411.

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PREVIOUS STORY: A Floyd County dispatch center picked up the 911 call from the home in Chattooga County where one person was wounded and two others were found dead. 

"An individual from this residence had called 911," said Sheriff Mark Schrader. 

The Chattooga County Sheriff's Office responded to a home on Highway 100. Chattooga County Sheriff Schrader said there was a communication issue between the caller and dispatchers.  

"So we were able to get down to the scene and we found once we got here an individual who had been shot, who was able to talk to us a little bit," said Sheriff Schrader. 

But there were two others found dead in the home, and there didn't appear to be any forced entry. All the victims are adults. 

"We are looking for a fourth person, we aren't sure if this person left the scene on foot or if they left in a vehicle," he said. 

Sheriff Schrader said they had two K9's search the perimeter of the home this morning for the suspect, but in the meantime, they have warned people in the area to look out for suspicious activity.  

"Have everyone use caution and if they notice anyone walking or anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in this area to not approach anyone, but to call 911 and let us check it out," said Schrader. 

The GBI, Georgia State Patrol, and the Floyd County Sheriff's Office were assisting the investigation on Tuesday.  

PREVIOUS STORY: Police are also searching for a fourth person, believed to be a man with white shorts.

The wounded victim was able to talk with first responders when they arrived before he was transported to a local hospital.

The GBI has been called in to assist with the investigation. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Three people have been shot, two of them fatally, in the Holland area of Chattooga County Tuesday. The surviving victim was transported to a local hospital.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader says that investigators are still processing the crime scene and gathering evidence.

Schrader also warns residents that they should use caution should they encounter anyone on foot since they do not have a suspect in custody and they are unsure how many people may be involved.