It rained all day Monday and Channel 3's Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys gave us some insight on why the rain is needed. 

"But short term wise a lot of people are complaining to me of how dry their lawns are, their gardens are and they have to water them all the time, and there's nothing better than a summer shower for the gardens and the lawns," said Barys.

Even though he said the rain won't cause any major issues, Chattanooga Public Works is still working hard. 

They sent us a statement: 

"During rainfall our Chattanooga Department of Public Works Team works around the clock, if needed, to address flooding issues, downed trees, and possible road closures. We continuously visit the same areas, areas that are prone to flooding, that we call "hot spots." Our Team cleans the stormwater infrastructure throughout the city, catch basins and storm drains, of debris to ensure water can flow. Residents can help by making sure areas around their homes are clear of storm debris. One thing that is most important is not to cover any drains or catch basins near residences with debris of any kind like leaves, brush or their curbside garbage and/or recycling containers."

They ask if residents see an issue to report it to 311 by calling 423-643-6311 or downloading their app. You can download the app here OR

Barys said this rain doesn't cause concerns for rock slides or mudslides, a problem that Hamilton County experienced back in February. 

"As far as rock slides and stuff you can never rule them out, you can have dry weather and have a rockslide, but this is not the type of rain the usually causes rock slides," said Barys. 

We also spoke to Assistant Professor of Geology at UT Chattanooga Dr. Azad Hossain. He said he's working on a database right now to actually see how much rain it takes to trigger a rock slide. 

"So that you can have some sort of explanation so that we can think about that if we had so many days of rain in a row, those are the areas, they're sitting on the high and steep slope so that might be an area of concern," said Hossain.