UPDATE: In a tense situation, EPB and Chattanooga Fire crews had the intersection of Lindsay and East 11th Streets shut down on Monday.

Initial reports say a transformer exploded, but officials are now saying a minor fault in the ground caused a small fire near a transformer, and the buildup of pressure moved manhole covers.

"It's hard to know if the weather really was a contributing factor in this case or not, so we would hate to speculate on that,” EPB spokesman J.Ed Marston said.

Last November, city workers were evacuated from city hall because of a minor explosion at the same transformer.

An electrical issue was cited as the cause of the explosion.

Fortunately, Monday’s incident was a minor situation.

"This was just more contained. It wasn't as big of an event,” Marston said.

EPB plans to inspect transformers throughout the city and replace what's necessary to make sure they don't run into this issue again.

"So, it's not like it will take a long time but unfortunately this city has been around for a while and we have other places that are like this that will have to be addressed in the future,” Marston said.

There were no reported outages from this incident.

EPB officials say they plan to have crews out first thing on Tuesday to replace the transformer.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: The Chattanooga Fire Department says there was no explosion off East 11th Street on Monday afternoon. 

Fire officials say a small fault in the ground damaged a transformer. 

Officials say pressure from a fire under the ground moved two manhole covers.

A CFD spokesperson says an explosion was initially reported but did not happen. 

EPB says there were no power outages reported from the incident and are looking to replace the transformer.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga firefighters and EPB crews are responding to a small explosion at a manhole cover in the downtown area on Monday.

It happened around 3:20 p.m. near the 100 block of E. 11th Street.

Officials say the heavy rain damaged an electric bunker underneath the manhole cover, causing a small explosion.

EPB officials say rain may not be the only factor that led to the explosion and say the bunker may need to be replaced.

No injuries have been reported.

Officials say the E. 11th  Street at Lindsay Street is closed while crews work to make repairs.

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