The LST 325 is docked at Ross's Landing for the public to see. The ship played a role in WWII. 

One woman saw the ship Sunday in honor of her father who was a WWII veteran. 

To America, Leroy Tankersley is a veteran, but to Chrissy Nichol he is 'Dad.'

"He'd give you the shirt off his back. If anybody needed any help-- he was there. If he could do it, he'd help you," said Nichol. 

Her dad Leroy Tankersley was 17 when Pearl Harbor was attacked. His mom signed the papers so he could join the Navy in 1941.

"He said I want to go in and do my part," said Nichol.

Tankersley served for 9 years on two different LST's during the war. They'd always talked about seeing the ship together, but today she went alone. 

"He wanted me to go and see it when it was docked in Alabama-- but he got sick and passed away on me before we could do that-- so I'm here today to fulfill that honor for him," Nichol told Channel 3. 

She says today was 14 years in the making. 

"When I first step on that ship my first words will be I finally made it, Dad," Nichol said.

Chrissie Nichol boarded the ship wearing her father's hat. She says it was a surreal moment to see what her father lived. 

"There's another location where he was holding the shells-- so I want to get my picture made there," Nichol showed Channel 3. 

She got her picture made holding those shells. She says she knows her dad saw every second of it.

"My dad would be smiling, he would be probably in tears that I'm actually doing this for him," Nichol said. 

The LST 325 will be in Chattanooga until Tuesday, August 27th. 

Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids ages 6-17.